Friday – September 8th

5:00-5:15pm    Ribbon Cutting
5:15-5:45pm     Queen Interviews
6:00-7:00pm   Caylin Francis
7:00-9:00pm    7mile Bluegrass
9:00-11:00pm   Long Shot

Saturday – September 9th

9:30-10:00am  Baby Contest Registration
10:00-12:00      Baby Contest
12:00-2:00        Majestic Dreamers
12:00-5:00pm  Children’s Fun Day
–   Hulla Hoop Contest – Bicycle Giveaway
–   Hula Hoop (Fire) Maria Hicks and Kendra Sky
–   Yahoo the Clown/Shriners Burn Unit
–   Funch Bunch Cloggers
5:15-6:00pm    Southeastern Show Choir
6:00-8:00pm   Benefit Auction
8:00-9:00pm   N Step Dancers
9:00-11:00pm  Midnight Noon from Nashville, TN

Sunday – September 10th

10:00-10:30am  Fellowship, Refreshments,Meet and Greet
10:30am              Methodist Church Puppet Show (For all Children)
10:30-12:00        Community Church at the Grandstand
12:15- 12:30         UMC Childrens Choir
12:30- 12:45pm  CCC Childrens Choir
12:45-1:00pm     Church of God Childrens Choir
1:00-4:30pm       Talent Show Contest – Money Prizes
2:30pm                Grand Parade Lineup
4:30pm                Salt Creek Valley Festival 2017 Grand Parade
5:00pm                Southeastern Marching Band Street Concert
5:15pm                 Queen Interviews
5:30pm                Announce Winners of the Talent Show Contest


Talent Show Prizes
5-10 year olds
1st $50  2nd $25  3rd $10

11-19 year olds
1st $500  2nd  $250  3rd $100